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Service Types

We have your best interest in mind.

Steering Repair

If you count drive time as an upper body workout because your car wants to turn when you want to go straight, you may have steering system problems.


We the latest diagnostic equipment and our technicians will determine the cause of your steering problems and get you back on the road.

Wheel Alignment

Potholes and rough road surfaces don’t just make for a bad ride, they can affect the alignment of your wheels.


Misaligned wheels can cause a host of problems, including uneven tire wear.


Proper wheel alignment helps your tires last longer, improves gas mileage, and provides safer handling.

Car Suspension

Whether your vehicle has shock absorbers or a strut-based system typical in many front-wheel-drive cars, we have the car suspension know-how to diagnose and repair any problem and get you back on the road with a smooth ride.

*Duration, lifespan, and cost are subject to the service type.

Hear a squealing sound?

On bumps and turns, grunting or squeaking means your front steering mechanism could be wearing out. This could potentially cause you to lose control of your car's steering. Come in for a check today!